Friday, June 25, 2010


Arini K AYa (the babysitter) mintak hantar Izz lambat sket
She needed to go to her son's school, amik report card
Alang2, I went to Hospital Penawar with the GL I applied
Hmm.nak cite pn malu, tapi got some inflammation
Dah nearly a month, went to the clinic twice, went to the hospital twice
and still it happened again..
Sakit lg2 bile Izz hisap susu
Td the doc gave another kind of antibiotic
Tolongla sihat~~

Dropped by at my office sekejap ni, to finish some work

Off to home again


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Makan makan

This Saturday, I'm going to cook beef stew to feed a crowd of 40 (maybe more..agaga)
A bit nervous on the portion size
Hopefully my rough estimations of 3.5 kg meat, 1.5 kg each for carrots, potatoes and celeries are enough,
Considering that there will be other menus made by others; bihun goreng, nasi goreng, KFC fried chicken, side dishes, I actually estimated for 30..

I love beef stew, so does Bad (oh very much) :)
I think it has become one of my signature dishes
The crowd I'll be feeding is Bad's office mates (MMHE)
A few of them are ex-SDE (my workplace that is) and it was one of them who suggested (eagerly) to include my beef stew in their picnic's menu..haha
Glamour le pulak akak

Well, I'll be shopping for the ingredients tonight
Sib baik bukan bajet sndiri..ehe
But I bought myself a pressure cooker online, it arrived yesterday
Cant wait to use it
But I bought the cheap one, Empress brand
Still have my eyes on Amway Noxxa electric pressure cooker
But of cos, it costs more..
Simpan dulu la impian Noxxa the future perhaps

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


A new blog..feels like a new home
just like my newly painted house..semangat la sket nak raya taun ni..agaga

A wife to Badrul Amri
Ummi to Muhammad Izz Nuaim
Nazarulniza..a happy me

previously having entries at
moved here for some fresh environment
for me to have expressions on life, love and laughters
maybe some tears kalo ter"ade"

nobody but at least somebody
bersyukur je
tak baik sgt, tapi ade org lg jahat
tak kaya sgt, tp ade org lg miskin
tak hebat sgt, tp ade org lagi tahape2
tak lawa sgt, tp ade org lgla~

a foodie indeed
suka masak juge
love the kitchen

suke kalo dpt jd isteri yg suami sayang
suke kalo dpt jd ummi yg penyayang
(suke juge jd engineer yg girang)
suke kalo boleh fulfill my duty at work and home dgn riang

cita2 biar tinggi sampai bintang
kalo tak dpt capai pn,
at least bile jatuh cuma sampai takat bulan
masih juga lagi tinggi dari awan :)