Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maher Zain - Freedom (Official Music Video) | ماهر زين - الحرية

Finally i get to hear it Almaklumla, tak dpt pegi concert :) Sume yg pergi kate best lagu baru ni True indeed As he said in fb "New music video out now: FREEDOM. About 6 weeks ago I was inspired by the brave young people struggling for their freedom in Tunisia, Egypt & Libya to write a new song called FREEDOM. I performed this song for the first time on the 25th & 26th of Feb in Malaysia & we made this video. Thanks to everyone involved. I hope that u will like it insha Allah, please share :)"

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Swimming Survival Video

Watch this, you'll be amazed!

The first time i watched this video, when izz was still in my tummy
and i was immediately eager to know as always, sebok aje nk tau all about baby and swimming
turns out, and this is a fact, that babies do swim!
believe it, it is one of the natural gifts they have as a newborn
cuma bukan la swim kepak2 gitu, they just know how to float
well, technically they have been in the water for 9 months pun kn :P
however, if this floating talent is not used and trained into proper swimming, and sustained, eventually they'll forget about it and start being afraid of the water (normally after 6 months)
i was so excited and eager to have izz swimming right after birth!
well, that was the initial plan.. didnt happen
Malaysia's still not used to this kind of extreme buat masa ni, untuk org2 kebanyakan kita, swimming babies do seem extreme kan
Thus i couldnt find any swimming class for babies, the earliest class age i found is for 3 y.o kid
At the States, babies swimming is a common thing, so they have the lessons there..haiiihhh, jeless~
kalaulah saya ade private pool, kan best...teringiiinnnn.. ;P
tp mcm nak kena ade coach bertauliah juge rasenye eventhough books on this can be easily found

izz pun dah 1.5 y.o
he has forgotten all about the swimming stuff already i'm sure
last 2 weeks when we had a vacation at Desaru, and while spending time at the apartment's pool,
it was obvious, he prefered the shallow pool where he could stand on the floor,
rather than sitting in his float in a deep pool where his feet touches nothing but water
haiihh anakku..

so izz, siap la ko
ko ngan adik2 ko get ready je la eh, adik2? :P
as early as i could find a class for you,
i'll be putting your name in
hahaha (nada evil dan secara paksa)

smart reader kid ke piano lesson ke art ke
i'd rather have you learn the basic skills first okeh syg
in this case,kite swim2 yg lain juge mcm solat, ngaji, baca, kira, adab sopan, budi bahasa, akhlak mulia, etc etc etc oh byknye keja ayah ummi!! XD he
lgpun, this is a life-saving skill, so i want you to have it
you must be better than ayah ummi :)

lagipon, ummi boleh tumpang swim nnti~~ ngeheheehe ni mcm umminye yg lebey

p/s: tp seriously, rasa sayu sgt bile dengar baby dlm video tu nangis lama2 camtu..tak sampai ati rasa nak dengar..

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wishes came true

I'll be going back to Shah Alam this evening
yay..nak ambik izz yg ummi rindu2 muah2
i dont know why, but everytime i think of izz, i picturize his cheek yg mcm pau tu, siap gambarkan angle muka die sideways, bukan dr depan, sbb pipi die lg menonjol dr arah tepi, camtu lak

pipi menjejeh yg kurindu

But still, i managed to do almost all the things i listed for this week
though without izz, this week is kind of a special week la, sbb jarang2 dpt buat anything yg not so izz-friendly..haaa, lain mcm jek bunyinye~

1. Izz's scraptbook, bought on Sunday - Have been wanting to do this lama dah, mcm omputeh tu..I think it would have been nice for izz to go through his own baby memories when he grows, dah alang2 izz tadek ni, we went to look for a baby scraptbook, at Harris bookstore at Jusco..found a very nice one, Baby's First Year by Annabel Karmel (it was the only one pun, tadek pilihan lain)..but as i went thru the details that i need to fill in when i first flipped thru the pages, it actually made me very detail the scraptbook was! eg: when was izz's first smile, izz's first waving byebye, izz's first flip, his first word, his first tooth, etc etc etc..and i couldnt remember all!! not to mention we lost a lot of izz's photos sbb harddisk rosak that could actually provide some ideas..sedih sedih sedih..tapi nak buat camne, so i just put myself together and tried to complete it as best as we could..until today, there are still a lot of blanks to be filled..but somehow i believe we'll figure something out..haihh

Parents: you've got to have this book EARLY! earlier than your baby's arrival pon takpe :)

2. Tgk wayang, Monday - We went to watched Merong Mahawangsa.actually it didnt matter what the movie was, it was just that i wanted to watch it at a cinema..many parents i know have already brought their babies masuk wayang, some as early as 4 months..but i'm still feeling nervous just to think of bringing izz inside a panggung..i still dont have the courage to face the challenge.. :) neves neves

3. Minum air kelapa bakar, Tuesday - kalo lalu highway pasir gudang, there's a small stall kat tepi jalan..gerai die buruk je..die jual air kelapa bakar..cant believe after 3 yrs i stayed here, i've never stopped by..boleh tahan gak rasa air kelapa bakar kedai tu bakar kelapa tu sampai hitam2, pastu buang kulit luar sket (sbb kalo tak, buruk la hidang kat org dgn hitam2 berjelaga tu), takuk bukak mcm biase org minum air kelapa tu, and serve (ewah)..warna air die a bit darker than air kelapa biasa, and rasa die mcm santan sket..and it's believed for having many health benefits

this is how it'd look like masa bakar

4. Makan kacang pool, Wednesday - oh, this is a's a singaporean dish actually, which also can be found at JB..but there are not so many places having it..yg betul2 sedap cuma 2 tempat je (from what i know)..Kacang Pool Haji, both at Larkin..and marrying to Bad yg tak brape suke jalan jauh semata nak cari makan, even a foodie like me pun jd tak sampai tpt2 ni eventhough setakat Larkin je (it's about 40 min drive from Pasir Gudang, kalo tak jam)..but the reputation of kacang pool ni mmg well known dapat gak gi rasa mlm comment? thumbs up!! jari kaki sume..rasenye die inspired from Arabic dish la, sbb masa kat Egypt dulu ade gak makan a dish called phool, which made from fava bean, just like kacang pool..makan pun sama dgn, fava beans is another reason why we can only eat this masa izz tak ada..izz got G6PD deficiencies, which causes him to be allergic to fava beans..kesian pulak kalo nak makan depan die..for now at least.. nnti dah besar sket, dah pandai eat his own food only and does not bother the food in my plate, takpela :) skarang ni, ape yg dlm pinggan ummi, itu yg die nak eventhough he had the same thing on his own plate

Kacang Pool Haji yg terbaekk

5. To cook chili crabs and eat puas2 - well, this is the only plan yg tak jadi2, psl en badang yg kaki bola gi main bola dn bile balik dah tak sempat nak gi beli psl dah lewat..when i said nak beli on my own, die nak ikut and suh tunggu die balik..aiiii..last2 jd jalan2 di Kip Mart yg baru pindah tempat baru je mlm td (sambil pandang ketam2 yg dijual sambil menjeling2 kat en badang yg gelak2)..bukan ape, bile ade izz, mcm rasa nak makan ketam yg hussling tu belum sesuai lg..tggu die besar sket la nak meratah ketam sepuas ati lg..actually boleh je gi makan ketam kat Tg Langsat (banyak dan murah..hmm..lame tak makan)..but sebenar benarnye kan malu nak bgtau ni saye tak penah siang ketam..dlm byk2 bende boleh buat kat dapur, itu je yg saye tak menuntut lg dr mak saya..haha..walaupun tgk kat tv cam senang je, tp nerves lak rasa nak buat sndiri..tu yg excited nak test cooking it on my own..ahaa, apekah

Kalo org lain baca list ni, mesti kate biase jek bende2 nih..hehe..but for me, bende2 ni dah jd special treats that can only be done once in a while..tambahan lak, dpt spend some time with Bad, dating2, maka masa2 sebegini jd precious..:)

but i still missed my baby pau..and i cant wait to see him again tonight..somehow i can smell him, just by thinking about him..pelik betul :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Separa didih

at last!
my mengarut mood came today

what to say what to say
just having a weird discovery lately
i really missed mengaroting in this space
i guess somehow this mengarot2 became one of my ways to think and express
like working my brains on something of my own
about the feeling of belonging duhh, mmg kuat mengarot ko naza

enough of that (i typed 'enuff', then i felt 'that was so not me' naza ko skema)

these days were hectic
got meetings, almost everyday of the week
come to think of it, i have just 1 day off without meeting in a week
even saturday yg half day pun meeting
meeting lak sometimes stretched to half a day
camne nak cepat siap keja oiii, asik suh engineering gi meeting
tau la service dept, abs sume dept kena bagi service kat derang
and every dept wanted to have separate meetings
maka bile jd begitu, we need to OT
oh no..not OT tp berbakti sbb tadek gaji untuk OT for permanent exec level and above
everytime doing a new project, there were occasions when ade je yg keja sampai tgh mlm, even weekends
sape bayar? tadek sape
berbakti kn kata, yg penting deliver, providing service to everybody
and if the basic pay is as standard as other similar companies for the same job grade takpe jugak
for sure it will compensate for that whatever OT berbakti
tp kalo berbakti byk2 tp tak dihargai, rasa2 camne?
when dealing with technical, at some point you would want to enhance further
and to enhance further, means to venture further
venture further can bring a lot of meaning
tambah2 lak bile ade emotional and personal factors involved, and of cos, financial factor
yg mana berbalik kpd td
bile byk2 berbakti tp tak dihargai, rasa2 camne?
ahh..talking about'll be veeeeeery long if i want to elaborate
making it worse, my company seems not to care about human capital
they rather recruit new people so they can pay cheaper
not to take care of the ones with experience and technicality and can provide better performance
especially if you are in for the 'service' commitment
haha..apekah pemikiran
well..i am staying..for now..
but insyaAllah, one day i'd like to venture out too
berhijrah :)