Friday, August 26, 2011

Life's not a rose garden

Conflicts are such an essential don’t you think? Of life?
It’s troubling, causes havoc, and meltdowns.. But without it one will never arises back
How did I deal with it?
But sometimes I do feel that I have the ability to put ignorance at its best
And get the strength to make hard decisions in my life
By being a little ignorant..and stop being the nice person while letting myself get all the hard s**t..and stop thinking too much of what other ppl think (like i’ve always did in my younger years )
Only then did I manage to appreciate myself more..and make the call that is beneficial for me

I don’t know if that’s strength or simply ego
But my rule of thumb
Jadi kuat takpe asalkan jgn org meluat
Org meluat sape pun tanak kawan J ataupun pura2 kawan

This post is inspired from my non-work related activity on my last day of work before Raya Holiday..takde mood nk keja..maka stalking around and ‘terr’ambil tau life conflicts of meaningful people around me..

At this point of life, i think i can say, i appreciate the fact that I’m indeed ageing
It’s not something to be afraid of, but something to be celebrated
Bcos without it, I could never see the world from my perspective like today, could never gained as much experience like i have today, could never make decisions like I have nowadays..and to actually say something back about it..

To my friends and family
Salah silap ampun dipohon
Salam Lebaran
Semoga Allah melimpahkan keberkatan pada kita semua :)

p/s: I want to hold hands with Badrul Amri and grow old together 

Monday, August 15, 2011

What to do

What to do when you suddenly find yourself in the midst of haze
Adapt to it, find your way out, slowly at first but with increasing intensity
Ayat semangat untuk diri sndiri yg rase clueless di tmpt baru :P
So much to learn, so much to grab, so much to endure, so much to persevere

Allah takkan bebankan kita with anything we cant manage
So head up! I'll be fine..
This is the path i've chosen in my long career run
Yes, it is a sacrifice, but a sacrifice that will end up the way i planned my life to be InsyaAllah
Bertatih2 lama berlarila
kate nk jd specialist..heh

Dan PJJ ini rasa sweet..aww
Just got back from PG last weekend
Bawak Izz  (ke umminye?) gi jumpe Ayah

Dapat juge Izz tido di rumah Mak pengasuhnye satu malam
Sampai2 depan rumah, Izz dah cakap "Maakk"
Nampak2 A'a anak bongsu Maknye, Izz trus "A'aa"

A'a ckp dgn Maknya: "Mak, kalau kite bela Izz mahal ke murah??" 
sayangnye mereka kat Izz, terharu rasa

Lepas raya ni, Ayah dah tak kat PG dah
Ummi bawak Izz gi Lumut plak di hujung mggu melawat Ayah kalo die tak balik Shah Alam
hoho..boleh la bercuti2 Malesia skali

sabar ye hati
just for a few years
awal2 masuk industry OnG ni mmg dah tau that one day this kind of thing would happen
but i've my own plan
just follow it thru, InsyaAllah

*Teringat ayat yg Syazwan tampal kat bilik rumah sewa die di Mesir
         "Orang yang bersabar itu disayangi Tuhan   -Kirana"