Friday, October 14, 2011

The Story of TVXQ (English Ver.)

Just for TVXQ fans whom still in the dark of the truth

and for the other KPOP fans..this story is quite an eye-opener ..crazy fans can also do harm

p/s: Apart from the fact that TVXQ was indeed an incredible group back in my U days..TVXQ also brings back memories of my time with my dear friends Eela, Ifah, Dalila and Kekna..all of us were crazy bout them then (though it was a harmless kind of crazy)..that's why I have such soft spot for them and feel saddened knowing their story

and U-Know has always been mine.. errr.. my favourite :P (tu..dia yg nyanyi plg hujung kanan masa berlima tu and muke mcm Tan Chee Han adhuyaii)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Belated: 2 yrs Izz

"Me & my 2nd cake" Ummi tried to find Pecan Butterscotch yg heavennn tapi tadek lak..sob

Ahli2 harijadi September
As usual..akan berkongsi adik beradik beli hadiah..this year Ainaa dapat polaroid camera.. credit to Achik (psl Akak tak tahu menahu pun bende nih masih wujud malah dah jd trendy lagi)

Maveless instant photosss in seconds

Tamat gambar di hari lahir Izz..
Diikuti gamba selingan ngade2
Pelakon tambahan untuk photoshoot kawen Ayah Wan & Ibu Dian yg bertema tuxedo n dress
Ye..saya org melayu

Ko ingat kucing tu handbag?