Friday, February 28, 2014

Another day

Sometimes when u have not been talking much for some times, to even start a small talk can seem difficult

At least that's how im feeling right now

744am 28th feb 2014
On my train ride to the office..looking around..well, i dont look around so much now..eyes fixed on the phone..the world flow by faster that way..

Tomorrow is 1st march..
And i'll be on my new job on the 31st at aker solutions..
Am hoping for more satisfaction there..
Though i know my ultimate dream and satisfaction is to stay at home looking after the kids and make our home a home..

In 2 years time hopefully..
Now is the time to settle the debts..
Alhmdulillah my credit card is now 0 starting last monday..
Ive reduced the limit now to the minimum.. ptptn will be 0 in a few personal loan will be 0 in 2 years..Allah ease my way ease my way ease my way Aminn

Friday, October 18, 2013


fuh fuh fuh (tiup habuk)

erk..kaget dn kekok di sini..rumah lama x jenguk..

Alhamdulillah..last post psl baru ngandung..skang dah nearly 6 months pun budaknye

sian die..baru ni ummi nak cerita psl die..

Introducing Nura Tihani si cahaya bahagia

A few minutes after birth, 30.4.2013 Pusat Bersalin Barakah

3 months

5 months

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Since last night, my joint dkat peha kiri sakit..xde angin xde ribut xde lnggar pape ttb sakit..jln terhincut2..
This morning i went for a checkup at a clinic near my office..ooooo..rupenye probably sbb mngandung..sbb pinggul (sopan sket) makin bertambah kelebaran (bnci tau)..maka buleh jd penyebab sakit2 peha ku ini..ooooo..ubatnye xde..pain killer je..ngan ubat sapu..

Monday, September 17, 2012

cmne ni

A tad sad
Td tok abah tok mama n nana dtg umah
Ummi suh Izz ikut tok mama balik umah..sbb nk tukar nursery die in a few days
And die nangis dlm keta when he realized i wasnt going
Bile ummi call nak check
Nana kate die da x nangis tp diam je baring kt tok mama..which is so unlike him
So rasanye die merajuk

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stupid easy choc pudding

Found quite an interesting choc pudding recipe
1 tbsp cornflour 2 tbsp cocoa powder 2 tbsp sugar (equal, substitute) 3/4 cup non-fat soymilk (skim milk) 1 dash vanilla essence
Preparation Steps:
1. In a large mug, dissolve cornflour, sugar and cocoa in the milk.
2. Microwave on high for 90 seconds or until mixture boils.
3. Stir in vanilla.
4. Chill in the refrigerator for an hour or so.
Less than 5 minutes and it's done.i dont bother with step 4..just spooned the warm choc into my mouth and be happy..spreaded some on crackers too


My appetite definitely is crazy right easily hungry but i dont know what to eat..nothing seems to really satisfy my tummy..i just eat food that i feel wont cause me nausea..crackers, porridge, rice, lauk yg berkuah, masam with very little oil, fruits..vomited once this morning..and im incredibly lazy n i dont know why..i know ive a lot of chores but i just dont want to do anything..
My uterus or rahim is already double in size now..which what might causes these eating uneasiness..said babycentre

Friday, September 14, 2012


Mggu depan nk pegi buat 1st ultrasound..
Ya Allah
Izinkan kandunganku sihat dan selamat dan kuat

Thursday, September 13, 2012


It's the 7th week..and babycentre kate my baby is the size of a blueberry cute ^_^

Umi's starting getting mild nausea now and then..oily food definitely turns me off..even photos of those can cause nausea..believe it or not..all photos of acar telur yg suke sangat mkn aritu had been deleted from my phone gallery..had to..tgk je rasa mual..yg dlm blog ni biarla asalkn x tgk post tu (even writing about it mcm dah nk bunyi alarm in my head) now mkn yg berair2 je..masak singgang sup jela mcm org belum muntah2 lg

Ummi's face definitely looks rounder now adoi..mkn byk lg..hamik

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Potluck..lucky me

Lucky la sbb dgn perasaan yg asik lapar je skarang, acara harini: makan dgn jaya
makan makan makan sbb potluck raya kat ofis
dari pagi acara makan dah start..dok ulang makan tp tak abes2 sbb byk betul

jeli, bolognaise sp, steambot, mi kari, lauk kurma daging, rendang, segala mcm lauk pauk nasi lg, kek2, puding, kueteow goreng, lemang, lontong..mane tak 5-6 kali round 
ummi buat butir nangka, antara feveret ummi le..makanan org2 tua sbb liat2 takyah guna gigi nak makan..main slurp2 aje..kalo mimpi ummi malam ni nasib le..sungguh2 gentel satu2 mlm td

ade byk menu
tp yg plg menarik minat ummi ialah acar telur
1st time makan
akak ofis kate masakan minang
sedap..masam2 manis2..tataula..bile kena dgn nasi panas2..fuhhh

Acar telur..yummm
i think baby must be very happy today ^_^

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Izz is nearly 3

Today i went for my ENT follow up checkup.everything's getting better.i'm so glad i underwent the sinus's really improved without the need to depends on drugs due to proneness to flue.kalo flue pun kejap je thankful to Allah for giving me better health. Im a fan of the Neil Med sinus rinse prescribed by my ENT doc. Kalo sesema atau gatal2, i just rinse my nostril with the salt solution and immediately hidung rasa bersih n segar the feeling.
Picit salt solution thru one nostril and let it go out from the other nostril..haa best tak

The hunger and drowsy attack are getting obvious lately.lapar sket pun x tahan.nk mkn kenyang sll.lapar sket siap pening2.ngantuk pun sama.buat aktiviti ringan2 pun ngantuk.x buat pape pun ngantuk.thankfully im still allowed for 1-2 cups of coffee least i can kickstart my day fresh especially at work.

After the ent checkup, me and bad went around looking for izz's birthday present.this would be the 1st time he got a birthday present in fact. Sebelum ni just celebrate with cakes heh. Ayah berkenan sgt2 dgn Leappad2 from Leapfrog. Kinda like ipad made especially for kids.ade package yg mnarik online direct from US store tp last2 we decided to buy from toysrus. A good device for Izz to play n learn at the same time. Reading, maths, logic, etc.. Made rugged for kids too.xdela risau mcm bg main ipad heh padahal mcmla ummi ayah penah belikn ipad kt dia.

So this 9th Sept izz would be 3 yrs baby is a baby no more..getting bigger and jd abg besar..