Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Izz is nearly 3

Today i went for my ENT follow up checkup.everything's getting better.i'm so glad i underwent the sinus's really improved without the need to depends on drugs due to proneness to flue.kalo flue pun kejap je thankful to Allah for giving me better health. Im a fan of the Neil Med sinus rinse prescribed by my ENT doc. Kalo sesema atau gatal2, i just rinse my nostril with the salt solution and immediately hidung rasa bersih n segar the feeling.
Picit salt solution thru one nostril and let it go out from the other nostril..haa best tak

The hunger and drowsy attack are getting obvious lately.lapar sket pun x tahan.nk mkn kenyang sll.lapar sket siap pening2.ngantuk pun sama.buat aktiviti ringan2 pun ngantuk.x buat pape pun ngantuk.thankfully im still allowed for 1-2 cups of coffee least i can kickstart my day fresh especially at work.

After the ent checkup, me and bad went around looking for izz's birthday present.this would be the 1st time he got a birthday present in fact. Sebelum ni just celebrate with cakes heh. Ayah berkenan sgt2 dgn Leappad2 from Leapfrog. Kinda like ipad made especially for kids.ade package yg mnarik online direct from US store tp last2 we decided to buy from toysrus. A good device for Izz to play n learn at the same time. Reading, maths, logic, etc.. Made rugged for kids too.xdela risau mcm bg main ipad heh padahal mcmla ummi ayah penah belikn ipad kt dia.

So this 9th Sept izz would be 3 yrs baby is a baby no more..getting bigger and jd abg besar..

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