Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This time around

Xdelah terror sgt ummi ni, but for this second pregnancy, I may say I have quiet a clearer idea ewahh of what's really important to be prepared and done, at least for me or what works for me. I'm making this an independent page as i might add/delete items along the 9 months journey. This serves as well as a reminder for myself. Blue font is for points that have been done, ala2 dah tick 'right' gitu, pink for 'in process' :) Here goes:

  • Babycentre.com.my - Even Bad reminded me himself of this matter! Best bile daftar kat site ni, sbb every week akan dpt email on the development of the baby in the womb..complete with graphical image of how the baby is growing, related articles, pregnancy and post pregnancy issues and discussion..even yg trying to conceive pun boleh register sbb ade byk discussion and related articles on the matter ..mmg sgt informative
  • Surah2 amalan - harini dalam fesbuk, Ustaz Don letak gambar yg sgt comel berkenaan surah2 amalan ni from www.littlekhalefblog.com..takyah saya tulis panjang2..compact and cute..mintak share owner yg budiman :)
  • www.littlekhalefblog.com

  • Dual, 3 way powered breastpump - Masa Izz dulu, saya pakai Avent 3 way tp single je..so to complete expressing milk took about 1/2 hour for each session..kadang2 masa pump at one side, the other side spilled out, sayang je..so kalo dpt yg dual dptla cepat sket sudahkan every session sbb kena amik masa kat ofis nnti kmfem..and i like having the option of 3 way to power (electric, battery or manual)..it gives the flexibility depending on where i am..this time i plan to stock up as early as possible masa dlm pantang..dulu dah nak start kerja baru nak simpan stok, ended up tak cukup and last2 terpaksa campur formula milk..still Izz had my milk until he's 2 years old..insyaAllah,this time around i want to provide only breastmilk to my baby all the way till 2 years old too..moga dipermudahkan Aamiin
  • Gentlebirth - I went for Hypnobirthing class for my previous pregnancy, but due to complication of my water dried out magically from inside the waterbag, i had to be induced at 38 weeks and had no chance to try the gentlebirth..so i'm looking ahead to try it this time :) So mari revise semula method2 berkaitan..buku sume kat rumah mama so nanti nak pegi ambik
  • Selecting my O&G - If I'm really fit enough to try gentlebirth, i have to select an O&G who support this method, since in Malaysia the concept of gentlebirth is quite new and there are very few O&G who practice this..currently the only hospital who officially provide this service is Pantai Hospital (waterbirth method..Dr Halina wife of our astronaut Syeikh Muszaphar gave birth using this wonderful way)..i also heard that Gleanegals got docs who support gentlebirth approach
  • may be continued

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