Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The 5th week

The week that we found out im pregnant was the 5th week..very early n no sign at all..actually the story went like this..we've been trying for the 2nd child since early this year..almost 9 months already..frustration? Dont ask..but i have faith that Allah knows best the right timing..just like our experience with Izz before..only after me n Bad were financially quite stable after our marriage ceremony yg byk pakai duit, only then i got pregnant..so same with this time..we waited and waited and waited..Alhmdulillah..i still have no clue what the hikmah of this late pregnancy this time but im sure it's there :)

One day before i tested myself, i bought Biodex..it's a supplement that may help women to get pregnant actually..nothing strange about it..just to help me in gaining inner health and healthy womb..i've tried it before ..before i got Izz :)..tak sampai sebulan, i got pregnant Alhamdulillah..not sure was it because i took Biodex or  was Izz already there..so after months and months of trying for the 2nd one, Bad suggested i tried Biodex again..itupun saya dok lengah2 mencarinya..nak cari satu hal jugak..last2 we found it dekat Tesco Nilai, dekat kedai2 kat luar kaunter tu, bukan dlm Tesco ye..this time I bought 2 things: (1) Supreme diet - drink mix yg ade campuran mcm2 eg. soya, green tea, kurma, brown rice, spirulina, etc (2) Woman Lobata - bantu memudahkan kehamilan

Pagi esoknya, saya bancuh supreme diet before pegi keja, mcm buat air chocolate jek, kacau2 dgn air suam..i planned to take woman lobata that night..one thing about woman lobata is once the consumer got pregnant, she must stop taking it..so that night, before taking it, i tested myself..tujuannye sbb nak makan itu supplement la..and GUESS WHAT?? Double line!! ALHAMDULILLAH..syukur ya amat masa tu..penat tggu line tu..asik2 kluar satu line je, kalini dpt tgk double line..of course rugi la beli woman lobata tu last2 tak pakai pun..tp takpela..like a friend of mine said, tu rezeki saya dn rezeki penjual tu jugak :) ala2, win2 situation la..trus kira2 dr last 1st day period (my period has always been irregular, tp syukur saya catat time bendera merah bulan lepas dlm kalendar sbb masa tu bulan puasa, kena la catat betul2 sbb nak kira nak ganti puasa berapa hari ye dak)..so lebey kurang 5 mggu la usia kandungan saya secara pengiraan kaedah tersebut (though i believe it's less than that ;P)..

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