Friday, February 28, 2014

Another day

Sometimes when u have not been talking much for some times, to even start a small talk can seem difficult

At least that's how im feeling right now

744am 28th feb 2014
On my train ride to the office..looking around..well, i dont look around so much now..eyes fixed on the phone..the world flow by faster that way..

Tomorrow is 1st march..
And i'll be on my new job on the 31st at aker solutions..
Am hoping for more satisfaction there..
Though i know my ultimate dream and satisfaction is to stay at home looking after the kids and make our home a home..

In 2 years time hopefully..
Now is the time to settle the debts..
Alhmdulillah my credit card is now 0 starting last monday..
Ive reduced the limit now to the minimum.. ptptn will be 0 in a few personal loan will be 0 in 2 years..Allah ease my way ease my way ease my way Aminn