Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rumah kuning rumah biru

surprise surprise surprise
just last 2 days i put down my resignation letter and now this??
SDE signed an MOU with Petronas for them to buy our Telok Ramunia yard
and another MOU with MMHE for them them to buy our Pasir Gudang yard..where I am right now
in one way..i felt somehow relief
but again..i'm feeling the sad vibes from around me
everybody's feeling down..after the official announcement from Sime Darby president..everybody was in no mood to do anymore work

so..if it really is going to be true
SDE PG will become MMHE
yellow will become blue
orange will become white
jeans will become slack

hopefully everything will turn out right and better for everybody

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Borak borek

I'm officially an outcast!
Haha..that's more to how i feel actually eh yeke..bukan rase course dicancel oleh HR sebaik letak jawatan tu mmg menunjukkan ko dah outcasted ke naza? yela..betulla..(mcm enlightened tetibe)
Time to move on.. sesape tau mane nak cari lori??

I really really really wanna go find a comforter set today sbb today ialah j card day :P
Want to do some make ups to my room at my mom's house
Well..that's where i'll live for a while after that's why la mengade sket
I got a new room kat bawah sebab dekat dgn dapur camtu pun boleh best ek?
The theme is purple though my parents choose the wrong kind of purple for the wall than what i had in mind..but  it's OKla..i'll make it work
I kind of like purple in a bedroom
seems romantic and elegant.. dont you think?
lgpun..purplish reddish maroonish and everything in between..haha..that's soo me

nice colour eh?
tp mau beli yg affordable la..ini nampak sgt mewah dn mahal!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Im sooo soooo soooooo happy!!
i found almost all of izz's photos that were lost before
right from the moment i went into the labour room
thanks abah!! sib bek abah simpan backup
i owe you for this wink wink

Abg..i think you'll like this..konfem dah lupe kan :)

Izz on his 3rd day of life at Salam hospital sbb kena jauntice..
 bulu belakang mcm carpet di kala itu haha

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Update2 omong2

See my ticker?
It's not moving..why?
bcos it doesnt allow me to move


ummi: (baru kuar dr toilet)
ayah: "tau tak izz ckp pe td? Mmi?"

hmm!!(menarik nafas)..anakku dah pandai menyusun ayat!
bile waktukan die mmbesar?
am i getting old??hahaha
is it time to start anew?
izz cam manja jek..siap kuat jeles lagik..
ayahnye pun tak boleh pegang2 ummi dpn dia..
camne la kalo ade adik ek..

izz dn makciknye (no kidding)

another iklan

i'm about to put my resignation letter
really looking forward to it
is it time to start anew?
for my career path..i believe it is :))

good luck to me
i need a lot of it

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

i'm done and yay

i finished the twilight saga last night
the last book (which was the thickest) was definitely astounding
i couldnt bear to put it down
overall, among the 4 books, no 1 and 4 were definitely my pick
i couldnt wait to see how the final movie's going to realize the story
it was overwhelming yet soooo exciting
4 thumbs up!! (dgn kaki2 skali..haha)
human-vampire wedding
human-vampire child
who was then the soul mate of a werewolf
sound crazy eh? karutan sgt hebat, but i was so into it nonetheless..haha

5 down, 5 to go (see my book challenge widget)