Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rumah kuning rumah biru

surprise surprise surprise
just last 2 days i put down my resignation letter and now this??
SDE signed an MOU with Petronas for them to buy our Telok Ramunia yard
and another MOU with MMHE for them them to buy our Pasir Gudang yard..where I am right now
in one way..i felt somehow relief
but again..i'm feeling the sad vibes from around me
everybody's feeling down..after the official announcement from Sime Darby president..everybody was in no mood to do anymore work

so..if it really is going to be true
SDE PG will become MMHE
yellow will become blue
orange will become white
jeans will become slack

hopefully everything will turn out right and better for everybody


  1. hahaha
    pilihanraya dh dekat..