Friday, October 14, 2011

The Story of TVXQ (English Ver.)

Just for TVXQ fans whom still in the dark of the truth

and for the other KPOP fans..this story is quite an eye-opener ..crazy fans can also do harm

p/s: Apart from the fact that TVXQ was indeed an incredible group back in my U days..TVXQ also brings back memories of my time with my dear friends Eela, Ifah, Dalila and Kekna..all of us were crazy bout them then (though it was a harmless kind of crazy)..that's why I have such soft spot for them and feel saddened knowing their story

and U-Know has always been mine.. errr.. my favourite :P (tu..dia yg nyanyi plg hujung kanan masa berlima tu and muke mcm Tan Chee Han adhuyaii)


  1. Why oh why, we have the same interest? I was so crazy over U-Know Yunho oppa okey? and I went 2 of their concerts in Malaysia...:) Until now, I am still a big fan of DBSK (that's what I called them) and it;s sad for what had happened to them....T_________________T

  2. hahaha..seems another thing in common between us..kekeke

  3. tan chee han tu yang tak tahan..adoyainye punn..

  4. ok serius tak faham pasal k-pop nie. am i dat old? wakakakak hoiii xdapat la hornymoon gether2 kat lumut dah suami ko balik sini plak.

  5. haha..tula..tak jd lak kite ke pangkor..ahh..kat puchong makan masak lemak ikan patin pun jadikkk