Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Separa didih

at last!
my mengarut mood came today

what to say what to say
just having a weird discovery lately
i really missed mengaroting in this space
i guess somehow this mengarot2 became one of my ways to think and express
like working my brains on something of my own
about the feeling of belonging duhh, mmg kuat mengarot ko naza

enough of that (i typed 'enuff', then i felt 'that was so not me' naza ko skema)

these days were hectic
got meetings, almost everyday of the week
come to think of it, i have just 1 day off without meeting in a week
even saturday yg half day pun meeting
meeting lak sometimes stretched to half a day
camne nak cepat siap keja oiii, asik suh engineering gi meeting
tau la service dept, abs sume dept kena bagi service kat derang
and every dept wanted to have separate meetings
maka bile jd begitu, we need to OT
oh no..not OT tp berbakti sbb tadek gaji untuk OT for permanent exec level and above
everytime doing a new project, there were occasions when ade je yg keja sampai tgh mlm, even weekends
sape bayar? tadek sape
berbakti kn kata, yg penting deliver, providing service to everybody
and if the basic pay is as standard as other similar companies for the same job grade takpe jugak
for sure it will compensate for that whatever OT berbakti
tp kalo berbakti byk2 tp tak dihargai, rasa2 camne?
when dealing with technical, at some point you would want to enhance further
and to enhance further, means to venture further
venture further can bring a lot of meaning
tambah2 lak bile ade emotional and personal factors involved, and of cos, financial factor
yg mana berbalik kpd td
bile byk2 berbakti tp tak dihargai, rasa2 camne?
ahh..talking about'll be veeeeeery long if i want to elaborate
making it worse, my company seems not to care about human capital
they rather recruit new people so they can pay cheaper
not to take care of the ones with experience and technicality and can provide better performance
especially if you are in for the 'service' commitment
haha..apekah pemikiran
well..i am staying..for now..
but insyaAllah, one day i'd like to venture out too
berhijrah :)



  1. cisss...tgk title ingat ke nak letak resepi tadi..rupanya benda lain yg mendidih nih! hahahaha...sabar ye naza...biasalah dunia pekerjaan besar dugaannya.

  2. hehe..sorryla, no recipe time ok bebeh