Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Swimming Survival Video

Watch this, you'll be amazed!

The first time i watched this video, when izz was still in my tummy
and i was immediately eager to know as always, sebok aje nk tau all about baby and swimming
turns out, and this is a fact, that babies do swim!
believe it, it is one of the natural gifts they have as a newborn
cuma bukan la swim kepak2 gitu, they just know how to float
well, technically they have been in the water for 9 months pun kn :P
however, if this floating talent is not used and trained into proper swimming, and sustained, eventually they'll forget about it and start being afraid of the water (normally after 6 months)
i was so excited and eager to have izz swimming right after birth!
well, that was the initial plan.. didnt happen
Malaysia's still not used to this kind of extreme buat masa ni, untuk org2 kebanyakan kita, swimming babies do seem extreme kan
Thus i couldnt find any swimming class for babies, the earliest class age i found is for 3 y.o kid
At the States, babies swimming is a common thing, so they have the lessons there..haiiihhh, jeless~
kalaulah saya ade private pool, kan best...teringiiinnnn.. ;P
tp mcm nak kena ade coach bertauliah juge rasenye eventhough books on this can be easily found

izz pun dah 1.5 y.o
he has forgotten all about the swimming stuff already i'm sure
last 2 weeks when we had a vacation at Desaru, and while spending time at the apartment's pool,
it was obvious, he prefered the shallow pool where he could stand on the floor,
rather than sitting in his float in a deep pool where his feet touches nothing but water
haiihh anakku..

so izz, siap la ko
ko ngan adik2 ko get ready je la eh, adik2? :P
as early as i could find a class for you,
i'll be putting your name in
hahaha (nada evil dan secara paksa)

smart reader kid ke piano lesson ke art ke
i'd rather have you learn the basic skills first okeh syg
in this case,kite swim2 yg lain juge mcm solat, ngaji, baca, kira, adab sopan, budi bahasa, akhlak mulia, etc etc etc oh byknye keja ayah ummi!! XD he
lgpun, this is a life-saving skill, so i want you to have it
you must be better than ayah ummi :)

lagipon, ummi boleh tumpang swim nnti~~ ngeheheehe ni mcm umminye yg lebey

p/s: tp seriously, rasa sayu sgt bile dengar baby dlm video tu nangis lama2 camtu..tak sampai ati rasa nak dengar..

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