Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A kiss to remember

Growing isn't only measured in inches and pounds. Every day your child is learning how to adapt and respond to people, and developing important social skills along the way.
Izz is growing everyday..
he already showed that he has a mind of his own
Dah pandai usik2 main cak2 ngan ummi ayah
Dah pandai mintak suapkan lg food
Dah pandai ade favourite kemain lg tgk iklan yg dia suka, static trus
Dah pandai mintak dukung
Dah pandai mintak susu main selak je la kan
Dah pandai babai
Dah pandai salam cium tangan penting nak raya ni!!
Dah pandai clapping hands
Dah pandai faham ummi suruh clap hands ke babai ke
Dah pandai faham bile ayah mintak amikkan bola bagi kat tangan ayah
Dah pandai ckp ball though it sounds more like bo

Dah pandai kiss ayah ummi tetibe je without been asking to..
ummi ayah saaayaanggg izz nuaim

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