Thursday, December 2, 2010

Forever after

End of year is always full of weddings
Musim mengawan org kata haha
Even 2 of my best frens got married just last Oct & Nov

My besties ni sume since our UIA days
There are 5 of us: me, Eela, Ifah, Dalila & Kekna
I think I was the last one to join their clique
Sbbnye during my 3rd year I think, I was Eela's roommate
Come to think of it, we were such an awkward group of frens
I was taking communications, eela mechatronics, dalila material, ifah & kekna manufacturing
Sgtla pelik how we came to be so close and for me, I felt so good being with them
We had so much fun, and too many to tell
But i just love them to bits

This is Dalila & Helman
I wasn’t able to attend their wedding receptions rasa terkilan di sini

This is Ifah & Suhaili
I came during Suhaili’s reception, and all 5 of us finally met after not being able to see each other for sooo long

I wish and pray for both of the newly wedded brides all the happiness in the world
You two are such nice people I know laaa, and you deserve the very best

And next in line, Kekna and Eela
I’ll be waitinggggggggggg..hehehehe
Gembira bile tgk kawan2 bahagia
Especially yg close to my hearts

Come to think of it again.before these gals, I have several groups of best frens
One of them was during my matric days, and there were 7 of us
Me, Shud, Nas, Yati, Zai, Nisha & Huda
Though we are no longer as close as before, they have such a strong imprint in my heart
And I have always thought of them with real endearments and love
I can never erase all the memories we had together
From all those silly things to difficulties and fun stuff we did
I love them all

Suddenly I feel grateful
Life is indeed wonderful
I had my ups and downs
Had stumbled, fell and got up
Had love and lost them and love again
Had laughed and cried
Made mistakes and learnt
But whatever it is, I have never been alone
Bcos all of them, old or new Nik, Lai, Netty, Alia, Siti,Ainin are among themHave always been there
And we have gone through all those things together
so, I keep them securely locked in my heart awwwww
no matter what :)

And let’s not forget my ultimate dearest friend
And bcos of this person, I could never, until now, find a new best friend dah sbb rasa dah cukup dgn adenye dia hehehe
Bcos this person is my forever, My soul companion
My hubby :P
And speaking of best friend,
Bad's BFFFFFFFFFF Azreem was married also last weekend
But we'll be attending this weekend for the groom's side reception
Kmfm ade gamba akan dicurik dn ditempek di sini untuk cukupkan kuota besties2 yg kawen boleh ye Reen..hehe
Moga Allah limpahkan seberkat2 rezeki dan kebahagiaan atas kalian
Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.-- Anonymous


  1. awwwwwwwwwww..... dats so sweet beb!

  2. weeeeee..remember eela..i'll be waiitingggggg XD hehehe

  3. TQ so much dear :D
    Hehe.. Eela... we'll be waiting :D... Kekna soon... harap2 dapat pegi...takut dah fly huhuhuh...

  4. Naza... thank u so much for this lovely n3. :D
    Ifah nak fly sambung study... bestnyer... Wish u all the luck, dear.
    Eela... yup, we're waiting, babe! :D
    KekNa, kad bila nak sampai ni? Hehehe...
    Oh, Naza... I tagged u in my sis is having a giveaway! Ifah... join laa... update ur blog nnt, k? :D

  5. waaa..terharu aku name aku disebut disini..,,really missed the good old days...

  6. hoho..terharu!!!
    i missed all the stupid+sengal moments that we ever have!!!