Monday, June 20, 2011


i'm in my Giada de Laurentiis mode today
tempted to try an italian dish very well loved by..err..everybody?

so..back to basic

i love coffee
i love cheese
i love whipped cream

what more could i asked except for a plate of tiramisu then!!

scrumptiously divine

chomp chomp chomp
here's my 1st attemp on homemade tiramisu
and sooo easy it was
cant believe i never learned it earlier
thanks Sarah Hussain for inspiring, hehe
(though i know you disapprove my cheat..hohoho)

want to know how?

1. buat air nescafe (have it strong and sweet)
2.whip some whip cream + sugar (i whipped it until quite stiff)
3. whip some mascarpone cheese + vanilla essence. fold it in the whipped cream
4. dip some ladyfingers in the nescafe (ladyfingers ni biskut omputeh la, bentuk dia yg saya tipu, psl saya guna biskut lutut..kuang kuang..malas la nak cari ladyfingers [sorry sarah]..nak tukar ngan plain butter cake pon boleh)
5. layer the ladyfingers into a serving dish, top with the cream mix, repeat the processes again
5. top with cocoa powder (nak best lg, use some shaved chocolate..yummy)
6. simpan dlm fridge kasi sejuk..pastu boleh makan tak hengat XD

tadaaa..easy eh? takyah masak2, takyah api2..
actually the whipped cream was also a cheat as the classic recipe calls for some beaten egg whites, but i was so horrified by the idea of eating raw eggs, i ditched it altogether

i know it looked kalo en badang makan sampai speechless, siap bile dah habis tanye ade lg tak,then i'm more than satisfied XD

back to Giada, she's kind of someone i admire
a celebrity chef, a wifey, a mommy, a beauty
baru je kenal die ni semenjak dah ade channel Asian Food Network #706 kat astro [Giada at Home, Everyday Italian]
she's an italian-american, sbb tu lawa die bukan muke typical omputeh
passionate about food and cooking, siap dah beranak sorg,but manage to keep fit
nak jd camtu boleh??
tanak la contradict to my previous post kan..kate nak slim down..he
i'm still serious about it, and at the same time i cant restrain my love being with the pots and pans..and of coz my love of eating..haihhh.. :)

so for now, i have Giada as my inspiration hokeh..haha..for now

love you giada! (though many ppl dont for her sexy over the stove image..he)

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