Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nauseatic mommy..hear yee hear yee :)

As requested by my dear babe Afifah :)
i have this entry prepared from last week actually, but due to the severe situation at egypt, i just didnt feel right to publish this at that time thinking how my brother as he's already safe and sound at Malaysia Hall, awaiting to be evacuated to Jeddah, Saudi, i feel more relieved..lgpun takleh postpone lama sgt entry ni..nnti dr mabuk2 sampai dah tak mabuk lak ifah..he :)


Looking back, waaaay back, year 2009
It was a year full of new experiences
The year when my journey to motherhood started
Yes, my pregnancy year
It was something both me and Bad had waited for quite some times
It came a bit late, but it was at the perfect time
Right after our wedding, both of us had to struggle thru some financial issues
and God knew best
Izz came when we were more stable and wholeheartedly ready
It was such a blessing

Being a 1st time parent, caused me quite an excitement
I immediately put on my geek hat..yes, a geek i became, hehe
Browsing the internet, reading books, searching infos, collecting data
I was really serious in finding out all i can about this new development inside of me
(ooh yeah, i'm getting cheesier )

Together with the baby, along came the nausea
Ifah wanted to know what i did during this "mabuk" time
Some call it morning sickness (tp tak morning pun mabuk jugak :P)
If any of my experience can provide help, i'm more than happy darling :P

The nausea usually happened during the 1st trimester (1st trimester = 0 - 3rd month), though in some cases, may effect the whole pregnancy term. The real reason is still vague, but it may due to combination of many hormonal changes in the mother's body. My favourite reason for this hormonal changes (boleh pulak ada feveret2) is the baby (or placenta at the early stage) itself is an outsider, mcm bendasing la. If the mother's body react normally as if not pregnant, surely it will do harm to this new thing for the cause of protecting the body from an "alien" element. So the hormonal change cause the mother's body to become less effective la lebey kurang, supaya boleh adapt to the new thingy residing inside of it (boleh paham ke laymen term neh?). Sbb tu la org2 mengandung ni dikategorikan dlm golongan mudah terkena jangkitan (ingat tak masa H1N1 dulu?), sbb masa mengandung,  the body protection system jd less effective (betul tak doc Syazwan? sila tambah ape2 yg, internet ko kena block lg). So, mase mabuk2 tu, boleh la pk camni " oh takpela, ni sume supaya anak ni dpt membesar sihat, i'll do anything for you bebeh"..ewahh :P

So, how to deal with this nausea then? (baruu nak masuk jawapan untuk ifah..:P)

1. Kita biase kan dgn kisah2 pmpuan mengandung nak makan asam? Well, i hereby would like to say NO,NO,NO,NO NO to asam during pregnancy. Saya serius ni. Strictly a NO NO. Mmg betul, masa mabuk2 tu, tekak rasa nak mkn bende2 masam. Mmg tu je yg boleh lalu pon. Tp asam tak boleh ok!! It contains so many chemicals that would be harmful to your baby brain development, in which is still in its vulnerable stage of development, yet most crucial. Kalo nak masam, cari bende2 yg naturally masam, mcm green apples. Saya dulu layan laksa penang. other than that, tak lalu langsung. nak laksa penang jugak, tak kire (dah la kat Pasir Gudang ni tak brape mudah nak jumpe, ade pun time pasar malam je)..kalo dpt, makan tak pandang kiri kanan dah (tp kadang2 muntah balik jugak pastu, mcm serupa takyah makan..)..sour fruit juice mcm ribena pun sedap gak..i drank ribena all the time dulu..suke sgt, pagi ptg siang mlm ribena..sahur ribena, bukak puasa ribena..bad lak yg tak lalu tgk ribena..haha

2. During the mabuk period, i suffered such severe headache at night time..asal nak tido je sakit kepala sgt sampai nangis2 (Alhamdulillah,sib bek malam, kalo siang susah gak saya nak buat keja)..what did i do? saya makan ubat..i know many preggers out there are so worried about taking drugs..but there are drugs that are pregnancy-safe..ask your doctors, and take it in the correct dose..there are also medication for anti-vomitting, which might make your life a bit happier :P keypoint: ALWAYS consult your doctor..dont do anything simply by following what other ppl tell you..go by facts, not myth..

3. Jangan biar perut kosong..I know sometimes we feel that it's better not to have anything in our tummy if it will only be vomitted later (paranoid thinking..he)..but remember, the food is also for your baby..the nutrition and all..but dont let your stomach becomes too full, that will only makes you feel like vomitting..small portion but frequent is the best..this is helpful too masa perut dah besar..when the baby dah penuh dlm tu, space for your stomach pun dah kurang, makanan tak dpt settle down as usual, so tendency to vomit mudah ..juga akan sll rasa sakit ulu hati, sbb jarak antara tekak dn perut makin dekat, acid yg cerna makanan tu pun senang naik

4. Kalo tgh baring2, nak bangun, bangun pelan2 ye..jgn trus melompat..terkejut perut trus nak muntah kang..hehe

5. Every preggers have their own list of food and smells that trigger avoid them..saya dulu takle takle takle bau bad..hahaha..kalau die balik kerja tu, cepat2 saya suruh mandi..padahal bukan die busuk ke berpeluh ke pun duduk kat ofis yg aircond bau natural "jantan" die tu cukup la buat saya loya (sori en badang..he)..pastu saya takle bau saye belikan sabun mandi yg plg tadek bau skali (ini mcm punye perangai pun adee)..saya wangi lain tak boleh..haha..masa tu je la..skang busyuk2 pun saya sukee gakk~~

6. Minum air masak byk2 replenish your lost fact, throughout your pregnancy period, drink lots and lots of reason, air ketuban dlm perut tu berganti2, die akan flush out and ganti baru setiap hari (tak silap 3 kali sehari) kalo tak cukup air, mcm tak kualiti la air ketuban tu (ewahh)..sian baby bergelumang dgn air tak best kn..another reason, preggers sgt mudah nak constipate..something to do with the hormone level gak..kalo tak jaga pemakanan and air dlm badan, mudah sgt nak kena sembelit..which will cause you such a "good" time masa nak beranak nnti..bukan je anak je nak kuar, dgn sembelit2 tu skali nak kuar, kang doctor nak kena masukkan lak balik (let me tell you, you dont want to experience this!)

7. Give yourself a nap as much as you can..rehat2kan diri..nausea can make you tired (and moody), berehat2, tenangkan fikiran, senyum2 sll

A bit about food..our culture put a lot of pantang saya yg sekali lg degil dn keras kepala nih, susah nak termakan dek kata2 kebanyakkan itu..saya tanye doktor je..doktor saya kate "makan la ape awak nak makan"..(oh saye suke!!)..cume satu je dia tak bagi, which is contains an enzyme which promote contractions..contractions ni ialah movement of your stomach muscles bertujuan untuk nak tolak baby keluar masa nak during the early pregnancy, of course we dont want contractions..tu dah keguguran'uzubillah..other than that, saya hentam sumenye,hehe..

and a bit on myth..kan org kate masa ngandung jgn tgk cite huduh2 kan..saye tanye doktor, dn die jawab ape tau.."kalau betul la tgk bende huduh nnti anak jd huduh, dah lama anak2 doktor kluar huduh sbb doktor asik tgk mayat2 reput je"..oh sgt bernas kan!!hehe (ni sbb sebelum tu kawan2 marah sbb saya gi tgk cite vampire kat wayang.he)

dn preggers, selagi boleh cergaskan diri, ayuh!! siapa kate pmpuan pengandung ni lemah, tak boleh buat itu, tak boleh buat ini, tak larat itu, tak larat ini..try some light exercise..try swimmming!! it's the best workout for you..especially breast stroke, sbb tak memenatkan, at the same time menguatkan kaki dn peha (oh yes, you really need that during birthing :P )..swimming also allows the baby head to rotate towards downward position..saya suke swimming time ngandung sbb masa ni rasa badan yg berat sgt tu ringan melayang2 dibawak air..rasa relax and calm..boleh pusing2 dgn bebas..perasaan yg sgt best..immersing my head underneath the water, i could feel such serenity..there was only me, the baby and the water..ewaah

hmm..cukup ke ni? hehe..baru skali je pengalaman, tak expert..stakat mane yg tau je..untuk diri sndiri gak ni..kang adik2 izz lagi tgh fokus byk untuk masa mabuk2..kalo mase ngandung2 overall, berjela lg nnti..i hope this helps..might be you already know all these,hehe..apepon, i'm sooo happy for you dear..cherish every moment ok, it's not everyday you are pregnant kn..take a picture of yourself for each progressing month (terkilan, dulu tak terfikir nak amik gambar diri sndiri sgt masa mengandung)..enjoy k!!!!

p/s: ikut hati nak tempek gamba mase ngandung, tp tak byk..asik ulang gamba..aihh


  1. TQ very much for the post Naza... sgt lah membantu aku yg tak tau pape ni..huhuh...So far aku pnye mabuk quite teruk ... so boleh la aku amalkan petua2 ko ..

  2. alhamdulillah..setakat mane yg bleh aku bantu :)

  3. Naza, aku mintak kebenaran masuk link blog ko dlm blog aku ye hehe

  4. for sure!!!!! aku follow balik hokeh! XDD (suke suke)