Friday, April 1, 2011

Massage, anyone?'ve got mail!
pasal ape?pasal ape? [terover sket]
nih dia

you see,
i had attended this workshop before, mase pregnant dulu
i registered, pay rm 20, and got johnson's stuff worth of rm40 on the bengkel day
dpt pulak belajar teknik2 massage baby yg betul, mandikan baby dn breastfeed (with the help of a doll tau:P)
lepas dah tau byknye benefit massage baby ni, mmg berazam nak buat
Alhamdulillah, i do it till today though the challenges to have izz lie still for me to massage increases with each passing month haha

but actually, after a while, i forgot so many details about the benefits
i just continue doing it as it has become a routine for me, lepas izz mandi kena massage dia
now that i'm reading it again in the above ad, trus mcm enlightened~
"ooo..patutla bam bam dak ni~" hahaha mungkin laa..

from all the benefits stated, my favourite is the BONDING
see, i capitalized it..i'm stressing this out
BONDING between the baby and the parents (or whoever the guardian is)
skin-to-skin touch is the best and basic method to get bonding
it's one of the baby's fundamental needs
as a touch by someone familiar makes them feel safe, secure, and confident to face the new world believe it or not

but there's one other benefit that i have always remember and not mentioned in the ad
that a routine body massage can improve the baby's resistance to disease
bagus kan..perkara mudah tp faedahnya besar
sape tanak anak sihat oooii~~ :)
and alhamdulillah, izz had his 1st fever at the age of 8 months
and never had  fever after injection or when his teeth came out ish, ni bukan nak riak tau..ish, mntak dijauhkan
i dont know the real reason
sbb massage kah..or sbb breastfeed kah..
apepun, rase syukur dgn ketegaran budak ni,he

lgpun, massaging izz is my personal excuse to touch him
asik babysitter je pegang all day long, ummi pun nak pegang2 sayang2 gak :P

so moms and dads
do give this workshop a try ya
gi workshop gih..hehe

oh, see the link in the email?
i put the link here for you -->registration
the linked page ade link for registration, and also a link to download the tips and techniques (kalo takmo jugak pegi ke workshop la)..
but to go is better, as you can meet all the trained and qualified ppl who can answer your questions (mcm brape kali nak buat sehari, when is the right time, how to include this routine in your already hectic schedule, etc)
and it is a good investment, sekali belajar, brape kali beranak pun boleh buat haha
so guys, just try it k :)

this is my massage message with love :P


  1. I've got this email too Naza... rasa cam nak pegi... kena persuade hubby aku ni hehe... Good for us yg baru tak tau pape lg ni :D

  2. ha, persuade tau ifah..ajak2 la geng ngan dalila n helman jugak..hehe