Monday, October 18, 2010


This is one LOOONG entry
Here goes

9 Oct 10, Saturday
I went back to Shah Alam
With Izz..hitchhiked Sarah, Farah, Nad & Amad they were going to Usop’s wedding at Manjung
Izz was unusually quiet
He just sat on my lap hanging on to me..
Even when the others held him, he was very quiet
My instinct felt something wasn’t right
Our last stop before Shah ALam was Nad’s house at Jalan Ipoh
Izz had a bath there after 8 hours travel byk singgah2
He had a very watery stool
Thought it was just a one time thing
He had a temperature too
Went to Clinic, doc said it was nothing

10 Oct 10, Sunday
Izz seemed quite slow
Usually he loves climbing the stairs
This time, he just played by himself
Went to a clinic for the 2nd time
Doc gave ubat angin
I didn’t give Izz any, sbb kalo angin, mesti dia dah nangis2, which he didn’t
He was just being quiet
Went to IKEA
Shop stuffs
Got great purchase
5 tiers book case for rm75
And some other things

11 Oct 10, Monday
Had meeting at RWP, Menara RKT
Mom took care of Izz
Watery stools continued
Still feverish
Getting worried
Brought Izz to see pediatrician at SALAM that night
Doc said probably some mild infection in his intestines
And his skin around the nappy area was scorched red
Got some meds for diarrhea, fever and the skin
Doc said to come again on Wednesday if he still doesnt recover
Izz cried terribly whenever being washed
Izz who normally doesn’t matter sitting on his stool for so long, cried immediately lepas pooped or peed
Ummi felt so terrible

12 Oct 10, Tuesday
Meeting at RWP still
Izz continued with medication
Mom said Izz didn’t want to eat

13 Oct 10, Wednesday
Last day meeting at RWP
Izz still wasn’t well
Went home early to get Izz see the pediatrician again
SALAM’s doc was unavailable
So went to SMC
He suspected Rotavirus
(Dulu masa nak inject Izz untuk Rotavirus ni, doc kate takyah sbb dah over 6 months..haiii)
As I was going back to Johor that night, he wrote a letter to be given to pediatrician at PG, to perform test on Izz’s stool

That evening, Mom, Iqa & AInaa sent us to KLIA LCCT
I prayed for Izz to be strong during the flight
Had another story here, but I’ll tell it in later entry
Abg was there when we arrived at Senai
So happy to see him yet so tired
Very very tired
But for Izz, I just kept my head high, my spirit strong
I chose to be a mom, and I’m serious at it

14 Oct 10 – 15 Oct 10
Izz continued his meds
My poor baby
No pediatricians until next week
Dr Aziz of Hosp Penawar was on leave
Regency got no one
Puteri is too far and available during office hour only
I called Johor Specialist, nobody picked up

On Thursday night, I vomited
Continued until Friday at office
Feeling weak the whole day
Had diarrhea too
That afternoon, Abg called
He also was on fever, had headache, diarrhea and vomited too
That night, he was seriously ill
Went to Penawar to see outpatient doc
He could only treated Abg but not Izz as Izz’s case was more serious
He asked us to go see pediatrician jugak
That night, after took his med, abg vomited veraciously

Abah called a few times
Only at midnight I could answer his phone
Turned out Mama and Ainaa suffered some vomiting too
Ape yg dah jadi ni??
(At that time I didn’t know Rotavirus could easily infect other ppl including adults,
Nad who played with Izz during our journey from PG to KL got infected too)

Thankfully, I was fit enough to take care both of my boys that night
Or maybe it was just my willpower to forgot that I was also sick, so that I can look after them

16 Oct 10, Saturday
Abg woke up in a healthy state,
Izz also slept soundly till late morning, his fever subsided
No more watery stool but he still pooped frequently
Somehow I could feel the harsh week was coming to an end
Went to Angsana
Everybody seemed a lot more better

17 Oct 10, Sunday
Izz didn’t pooped so many times dah
Didn’t give him any meds today
He was more like himself
Being very active as usual
Rasa lega sgt
Cuma tak sure masih nak kena buat stool test lg tak since Dr Aziz will be around starting the next Monday
Everything was back to normal

Syukur Tuhan, Kau kembalikan kesihatan kepada org2 kesayanganku, Kau bagi kekuatan padaku untuk menjaga mereka, Kau beri ujian supaya kami tabah

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