Tuesday, October 5, 2010


tomorrow is instrument raya celebration
kitorg planning the hover the topp sket
asik ketupat lontong rendang jek
pekate tukar meny arabic cuisine
ape lagi, of coz hadramawt la our favourite
bestnyee bile dah bukak cawangan kat JB
jenuh gakla kalo asik kena tunggu balik KL baru dpt
we ordered (of coz) mendy and madghout
nasi terbaik!!
and variation of lamb and chicken lamb yg so tender it falls off the bone yaa
siap delivery all the way from JB to SDE
the cost is of coz hover la jugak
but a few of our staff ada sponsor2 especially pakya n k ida. thanks!!
and all engineer level agreed to pay just a tad bit more so that the designer level and below dont have to pay as much
all in all, nak kasi sume rasa bende baru dn mmg uh..best ah!
i ordered pandan layer cake from k niza proposal gak for the aug and sept bsdays
pun ramai tak penah try
so nak kasi cube sbb mmg sedap jugee saye taula kan~~
for the drinks, nor akan buat air asam boi die yg best tuh

cepatla khamis

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