Friday, January 28, 2011

2011 Reading Challenge by Goodreads

I was looking for a book widget for this blog, when i found this interesting site (well, interesting for me la!)

It is a networking site but the correlations are basically about books. so you can find ppl discussing the latest best sellers or recommend good books and stuff or join in their activities and such.

As you can see, i have the widget already parked. And notice the "2011 Reading Challenge"?
ahaa..The site is currently having the challenge dan saya tak semena2 pegi masuk, untuk suka2 je, tadek hadiah pon (kot). Just challenge yourself on how many books you'll read in this year. Considering my "tak sempat", I put 10. Mula2 nak letak 12 (sebulan satu buku). Tp xpela, 10 ok la tu :P

As I am currently immersing in Pride & Prejudice, that will be my kick start for this year. Well, i think it will be a good thing, to read seriously again. I do feel that my vocabs & grammar are degrading (semenjak2 kerja ni..hehe), so might as well i polish mane2 yg boleh (tulis pon rojak2, nak polish kemain lg..haha).

Yok kite baca yok!!

Pride and Prejudice - saya suka movie dia, sgt sweet..kisah cinta zaman2 dahulu, zaman2 sopan dn bertata bahasa novelnya sgt berat..saya masih struggle untuk menghabiskannye secara lengah2an :P

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