Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flight with infant?

I'm alone with Izz today..This is my 7th day kena sakit mata, and my 6th day on MC (oh best la jugak)..Usually i sent izz to his babysitter during the day mcm biasa. But not today, pagi2 babysitter call mintak cuti sbb husband dia accident di pagi hari td (saya pun tatau detail sgt) mcm byk urusan, sian lak..

Tgk budak ni, rasa mcm sekejap je dah besar..Tp rasa mcm baru je tgk die lahir harituh..Every single detail was still vivid in my mind..Camne rasa pengalaman mengandungkn kali pertama, melahirkan kali pertama, berpantang kali pertama..

Tp yg plg saya rasa "wah, tabahnye!" ialah pengalaman balik Pasir Gudang dgn izz selepas habis pantang, dan jaga die sendiri selama lebey kurang 5 bulan (starting from izz umur 2 bulan sampai 7 bulan), sbb ayah masa tu kena posting ke KL dn cuma boleh balik weekends je. Mmg mule2 tu siap nangis bile ayah nak balik dah lepas dah hantar PG. Rasa tak keruan sgt..camne nak jaga baby kecik ni saya sbg seorg yg degil dn keras kepala, cepat2 menabahkan diri..walaupun saya tak ade sedare mara kat sini, at least saya ade kawan2..Alhamdulillah, saya ade Mek yg sudi nak temankan saya..sudi nak bermalam2an kat umah saya..and after a few months, saya dah boleh confident jaga izz sorang diri walaupun Mek takde (cuma saya jd paranoid sket suke bayang bukan2, sbb asik tgk tv cite CSI la, criminal minds la..hoho)..

Sesekali, bile ade peluang, saya ngan izz yg akan balik KL sndiri masa tu..and after a few experience in flight with izz, saya rasa nak jot down sket kat sini..saje, pengalaman for my future referrence..oh, cabaran naik flight dgn izz..berbeza setiap kali!! Tp saya paham skarang..the key is to prepare, prepare,prepare..and basically, 2 kinds: Phisycally & Mentally. Dn saya nak fokuskan dulu tips2 ni untuk short flight (1-3 hours flight) sbb yg ni saya byk pengalaman berseorangan dgn izz (JB-KL, KL-JB)..long flight baru beberape kali dn ade org2 lain sekali masa tu (which made things far easier)..kalo tips2 ni dpt membantu, Alhamdulillah..saya lg suke

Physically - What to pack? 
For me, the most crucial is the handcarry bag, the one you bring in the cabin. Once you have checked your luggage in cargo, there's no way you can retrieve anything right? So, must make sure you have everything you need in the handcarry bag. Now, there's a thin line between properly prepared and bringing too much.  Nervousness had caused me quite a burden during my 1st time flight with izz. Risau sgt nak bawak mcm2 sampai last2 menyusahkan diri sndiri. Beg berat sgt, nak amik barang pun susah dlm beg. After a few times, Alhamdulillah, i think i have got the hang of here goes:

1. Handcarry bag - Whether tote bag or bagpack, size does matter!! I chose the largest one i have, which can  place my purse, handphone, laptop (charger takyah ek, tu masuk cargo jek) & izz's needs as per the followings. Personal preference: Bagpack. Reason: With my heavy laptop inside, it would be lighter to carry a bag on both shoulders compared to a tote bag where you'll put all weight on one shoulder. Unless you own very light lappy la. Dn beg tu ringan2 je kalo boleh..jgn belum masuk brg pape lg, beratnye dah terasa.

2. Milk bottle - 1 clean bottle is enough. Saya biasenye siap2 letak air panas untuk satu sukatan susu izz dr rumah. So, by the time in flight, air tu dah suam and boleh guna

3. Hot water flask - I use the small one, to reduce space needed in the bag. and I put warm water, NOT HOT. So that I can directly pour when needed and dont need to bring extra cool water (and weight!). But be extra caution on international flight policy on bringing liquids. Sometimes they just let you pass when they have been told it is for baby milk. Other alternative, you can request for warm water from the flight attendance [But bear in mind, you may need to prepare your baby's milk while waiting at the waiting lounge]. Again, check the policy.

4. Milk formula - Milk container as shown below is a must! Yg bodo2 tu je, takyah yg canggih manggih tu. Siap2 letak susu ikut sukatan, bile nak pakai, tuang je dlm botol. Save time and hassle!!

5. Diaper - I always assumed 1 diaper for 1-2 hous, plus 1-2 extra. Biasenye letak 5 je trus dlm beg for short flight. Plus his baby bottom balm. Tu je (takyah la nak bawak baby oil la, bedak la, sikat la dlm cabin k). Ok, maybe minyak yuyee, just in case kalo2 dak tu kembung.mane lak nak meracau2 cari minyak angin atas langit tu nnti kn.

6. Baby wipes - A must have. You never know what kind of things you need to wipe. Muntah, muak, susu, makanan, air, peluh, mcm2 la..very handy to you might need it for diaper change kalo tadek tpt suitable to wash your baby bumps. and sehelai napkin tambahan pun bagus

7. Clothings - 1 ke 2 persalinan dah cukup. Just in case dak tu muntah ke ( I had had that experience having izz on fever and naik flight), air tumpah kat baju ke..I dont know why, ppl tend to bring warm clothings on flight..saya pun camtu gak dulu skarang tak lg, sbb tak sejuk langsung..abih2 pun masa kat airport kot saya bawak baju biasa je untuk izz, bukan yg tebal2 pon..and in case extra warmth is needed, i always bring along my nak cover diri sndiri + izz pun boleh..

8. Izz's cookies - Great for distracting him off everything else!! (but sometimes this trick didnt work..haihh)

9. Izz's water bottle - Air masak untuk dia minum. botol air kecik je yg siap straw untuk izz, senang sket, tak tumpah2

10. Toys - Untuk distract dia jugak. Small ones, and take them out one at a time, and rotate. Kids have a focus span like a sparrow, they bore easily...small book with large colouful photos is a great idea too.

11. Sweets - For yourself (and maybe for your kid, but small amount only)..This is for take off and landing.

Ok, for point no 11, it is actually to avoid ear pressure you get during take off and landing. Rasa sakit dlm telinga tu, due to pressurized air. It can really hurts your kid too, and the best way to avoid is to promote swallowing. For infant, you can let them swallow their milk or just sucking their pacifier (or in my case, just breastfeed izz)..For older kids, sweets may come into consideration. and of coz, if you are fully bf, then point 2,3 and 4 can be omitted (lg best!!)

Another important thing for me, is to have a seat that provides privacy for me to breastfeed. Really2 important!! (who wants ppl stalking?? yes, i'm a paranoid) usually i booked a seat at the last row and sebelah tingkap..hoping that that row would be empty and izz can have extra space for himself and i can bf him with ease..and usually, mmg kosong sbb seat2 depan yg akan dipenuhkan dulu kalo penumpang tak book mane2 seat.

OK, baby stroller..for short flight, i dont think i need it. Kalo perlu bawak, i'll just checked it in the cargo. Tambah lak bile sorg2 dgn izz, mane nak bawak beg, dukung izz, tolak stroller(kalo dtg mood die tanak duduk dlm dtroller la)..kang sampai depan aircraft, nak lipat lg. Some airlines allow you to bring the stroller inside the cabin, some allow it to only be gate checked (again, read the flight policy). But bear in mind jugak, kadang2 stroller boleh rosak mase masuk cargo sbb derang campak2 je skali dgn beg2 precaution about the stroller beg pun bagus jugak kalo nak bawak).

Mentally - sendiri mau ingat
With kids around, bear in mind, 3 hour flight may need a 6 hours consideration of preparation. The moment you step out of your door, dah kira masa perjalanan. No more last minute check in. Children, tak kesah la umur brape, will slow you down for sure!! Saya suke gakla mentally prepare for the worst trus. At least i wont get alarmed if anything out of ordinary happens. and may still keep my cool (coolnye~~). Plan plan plan..recreate what would happen in your mind during packing, so you wont forget anything (which explains why i always pack things sgt lama berejam2)..and masa flight tu, try to be calm walau tadek org nak tolong..just have faith there's a white light waiting for you at the end of the dark tunnel (haa, that's how you feel having a kid yg dah dpt kaki dlm flight) i'm scaring myself plak

Hmm..rasa2nye, tu je kot yg saya perlu ingat everytime naik, for now. Izz is still an infant according to normal flight policy (infant = under 2 years old). Thus, i dont have to book a seat for himself, yet,..boleh pangku je (tu pun ade bayaran sket)..So okeh lg kalo ummi ade meeting kat kl, nak angkut2 die nnti dah 2 taun, alamak, nak bawak dia kena amik 2nd seat and takle claim kat company..hehe..takpela..tu pk for now, bolehle ummi nak guna guideline2 ni untuk diri sndiri (wahahh, buat manual untuk diri sndiri lagik)..die pon masih agak bergantung kat ummi jek gayanye lg so mane boleh jauh2..haha (ke ummi yg bergantung kat izz?? ) camne plak? :P

eh, mcm bebel byk lak kali ni


  1. This is a very good tip.. esok2 kalo aku kena fly while having the baby, blog ko la aku bukak dulu dulu...
    Naza, nak request...masa ko mabuk mula2 dulu apa yg ko buat? Share kat sini pun bagus gak hehe :D

  2. hehe..malu aiii
    eh tp topik tu best gak..nnti aku stori2 ek pasni, bagus gak untuk diri sndiri tuh..hehe..bukan izz sorg je kang..ramai lg nak menderetkn diri kn..kuang kuang