Saturday, January 15, 2011

naik komuter berejam2

i am at shah alam since last wednesday
attending the kick off meeting for my telecomm package for the project i'm currently involved in
quite tiresome i might say
as my team had to cover every subsystem and every equipment in the whole package
and there are many subsytems
patutnya dpt keja halfday je jumaat sbb kat KL office mmg gitu, tp abis meeting pun dah 4 pm

balik je td, dgn blum lunchnye lg, i straightaway went to klcc
1) to have lunch as suddenly i craved the beef lasagna at the foodcourt
2) to continue reading Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen that i brought from home

i accidentally found the book kat bilik bawah kat umah, sape punye tah
alang2 tgh bujang nih bad kena tggal kat pasir gudang sampai khamis depan, nak baca la
i have always been a reader since my early age
i know,, it's a typical hobby, boring stuff.. nonetheless i just love a good read, and it never bores me
but since becoming a mom, i dont have much time for myself, i mean not as much as before

bye bye leisure time, bye bye sleeping until high noon, byebye novel reading and meals skipping, byebye laziness, byebye spontaneity, byebye japanese & korean drama series, byebye selfconsciousness, byebye mcm2

but it's worth it, as with those byebyes, i can welcome izz :)

the point is, sbb balik kg, boleh bg mama jaga izz kejap, i finally had some time to read again
the P&P was quite nice, but i had to slow my pace
they are using heavy language, pening nk paham

"A conversation beginnning with his parsonage-house, and leading naturally to the avowal of his hopes that a mistress for it might be found at Longbourne, produced from her, amid very complaisant smiles and general encouragement, a caution against the very Jane he had fixed on"

somebody translate plss...feeling a bit clueless here and there

considering that i really like the movie, saye gagahkan juge membaca walaupun byk kali rasa nak give up
bende yg jarang2 berlaku bile dah start bukak novel
lgpon, i have until next thursday to finish em sbb meeting lagi
might as well kill all those boredom in komuter and lrt everytime i'm off to and back from work

dr student sampai engineer, saye masih asik2 naik komuter lrt


  1. haha dari kecik org tak penah abeskan 1 novel inggeris pon. takyah satu buku, satu bab pon tak penah kecuali 1 muke surat oliver twist. haih